What I Do

I’m a creative at heart. I thrive when I get to make others happy by doing the things I love; I adore dreaming up fun ideas for shoots, mapping out designs for websites, or (finally) getting my code to work. My big ol’ dream is to be able to do full-service website creation. I dabble in all aspects of website creation and I want to combine them to be a one-stop-shop creator: I can help with branding, photography, design, and development. Give me your vision and I’ll make it come to life.

About Me

I’m a West Coast native married to my sweet surfer boy, Jordan. We live in a small, plant-filled apartment and enjoy watching sunsets, going on weekend adventures in our 4Runner (Tina the Tank), and day-dreaming of living in Hawaii.

In college I studied Biology with a focus in Marine Science. I spent some time studying whales and it was the best time of my life: I grew more fascinated with the world around me, and I loved documenting every moment. A few detours in my path (aka a lack of jobs and no desire to get a Ph.D. LOL!) led me away from research and towards a new love - web development. Who would’ve thought? Currently, I work at a biotech company as a web developer. On the side, I’m expanding my own portfolio in photography and full-service website creation: I take care of the overall design, branding, and photos (8+ years of experience behind the lens!).

When I’m not writing code or editing pics, I’m spending my time doing yoga, greeting at church, hiking, and wishing I had a golden retriever.